The Business Year 2021 - bk Group


21. Dicembre 2021

The Business Year 2021

2021 brings new momentum and sets important course for the future of bk Group.

Endsee – December 2021

“The year 2021 presented challenges for the bk Group. But we were able to use these as opportunities throughout, and as a result we saw progress and positive innovations in many areas.”

At 52 million, the annual sales of the group are significantly above the previous year’s sales. Among other things, 178 implemented construction projects of bk Group AG contributed to this. Just like the 6050 stores we serve with Facility Management Services for our customers. In Facility Management, Rituals is the largest customer in Europe. In the area of Planning & Construction, KIND Hörgeräte is the largest partner in 2021. In addition to our regular customers, we were able to acquire 12 new customers, divided between the areas of Construction and Facility Management.

New business segments

The bk Group AG is also broadening its base in other business areas and is investing in eight additional companies. These include the first medium-sized fund Ökovation Ventures GmbH und Co. KG, SalsUp, the platform for startups and corporates, and the performance marketing company ScalUp.

The number of employees throughout Europe is 235, including the shareholdings.


In the area of sustainability, bk Group was also able to achieve its goals in 2021. The company received the Green Product Award 2021 for the first CO2-neutral retail store and was awarded the Sustainable Impact Award 2021 in the category “Impact on Earth”. Various measures also enabled the company to save around 12,300 tons of CO2 in 2021 compared with 2014.

20th anniversary

The company had many reasons to celebrate in 2021. Among other things, the company was able to make up for its 20th anniversary, which had to be cancelled in the previous year. Together with THE GROW Summit 2021, the company campus in Endsee was the venue for a two-day celebration with employees from all over Europe. Guests on this occasion included Oliver Kahn, Wolfgang Bosbach, Sina Trinkwalder and Wolfang Grupp.

For the year 2022, further cooperations and an expansion of the business areas are planned.

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