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19. Marzo 2022

Fresh pizza 24/7 – now available in Endsee!

Since a few days Endsee is richer by a culinary attraction. At Baukreativstraße there is now a pizza vending machine that delivers fine freshly baked pizza within 4 minutes.

Whether it’s for lunch, dinner or a midnight snack – pizza is always a good idea! But where to get it if the nearest pizza place is too far away or already closed? Not far from Rothenburg ob der Tauber, there is now the solution in the Endsee industrial park: a pizza vending machine. Here, hungry people can buy a delicious pizza at any time of day or night – and it’s ready in just four minutes using the special oven.

Pizza Maker for the whole family

“We’re thinking in particular of families who like to treat themselves on the weekend, late-night party-goers returning home and, of course, people passing through on the A7, who will experience a completely new and, of course, delicious dining experience here.” Says Gerold Wolfarth, CEO of the bk Group AG.

The pizzas cost between 5.50 and 7.90 euros. With eight different varieties from Margherita to Salami to Quattro Formaggi, there is a pizza for everyone.

Test passed

The employees of the adjacent bk Group AG have already tested the machine extensively.

“To be honest, I was positively surprised by the taste and the dough of the pizza. So in the future I will definitely enjoy pizza from the vending machine on a regular basis during my lunch break.” Tells employee Bianca Baur.

The vending machine is now open to the public 24/7 at the bk Group AG company premises. Visitors can park in the large parking lot right next to the company building.

We wish you bon appétit!

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