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20. Settembre 2022

bk Group Oktoberfest 2022 – better than the original

Once a year, the employees of the bk Group from all over Europe come together in Endsee to spend time and celebrate together.

This year, the bk Family filled an entire day with a varied program on September 16. Friday morning was the scene of a very special team event. In different groups the workforce developed everything that was needed for the planned festive evening.

For the decoration, an old hay wagon was restored and decorated, a huge wreath found its place in the festively decorated tent, specially designed beer benches and a table were built and even the beer barrel set was assembled by the colleagues from the different departments hand in hand.

Other groups saw themselves responsible for the entertainment part of the evening. From an international opening speech to a sketch performance to an impressive dance performance, the team members shone with creativity and a great deal of humor.

A team of directors was responsible for the smooth running of the event. Regular coordination ensured that a perfect presentation was possible on the evening. In the film team, everyone from the service technician to the programmer took a turn at the camera, so that a summary of the day could be presented in the evening.

The day and the festive evening were framed by the percussion combo Double Drums, who not only brought 50 bk Group employees together on stage for an impressive opening with drums, but also gave a performance of their rousing art afterwards. With ladders and drills as instruments.

No wonder that the various performances in the large marquee in Endsee did not keep anyone on the benches in the evening. The employees who were honored for their 10 years with the bk Group also received thunderous applause. The Bavarian buffet then strengthened all those present, so that later there was dancing on the dance floor until the early hours of the morning.

The bk Group Oktoberfest 2022 was a unique event, which will create great memories in the minds of the employees for a long time.

Many thanks to all helpers and to the best team in the world: the bk Family!

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