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24. abril 2024

Career information week at the bk Group – «Everything you can imagine is real.»

Last week was project week with us. During this week, five trainees got to know the profession of draughtsman/ draughtswoman better.

However, as we didn’t just want to cover the theoretical part and present our company, the interns were given the task of building their own bk World as a model.

The week was filled with various challenges, which the interns had to approach in a playful and creative way: from taking measurements, drawing plans and brainstorming together to visualizing and building their own bk World.

The project week was planned and prepared by our Planning & Construction department, with our two draughtswomen Sophie and Maike taking on most of the supervision. True to the motto that you grow with your tasks, our newly qualified Sophie and our trainee Maike were able to get a taste of a new area of responsibility: guiding and instructing.

Her summary of the project week is as follows: «To summarize the project week, we can say that it was really great for us to see how the girls became more open from day to day and felt more and more comfortable sharing their ideas, suggestions and thoughts with us. They all approached the project with full motivation and enthusiasm.
It was really exciting for us to see how they worked their way through various programs over the course of the week and understood the connections, as well as their approach from the pencil drawing to the digitalization and visualization, right through to the finished models. We noticed that she was able to work very well in a team, but also individually. We were very pleased to give them a closer look at our company this week and to introduce them to the profession of architectural draughtswoman.»

We are delighted with the final results, which not only demonstrate great creativity, but also an understanding of what our bk World is and can be.

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Haben Sie Fragen zu unseren Pressemitteilungen?

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