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9. diciembre 2021

Social commitment in a children’s hospice

Düsseldorf – July 2021

The project management team in Düsseldorf has been socially engaged last week as part of the bk Social Day. The bk Group team did some gardening and painting work at the children’s hospice Regenbogenland.

In the children’s and youth hospice, affected families get the opportunity for exchange and emotional and physical care. They can deal with the topic of death in the community or together with a psychologist. Thanks in particular to the 1:2 and sometimes even 1:1 care, the sick children and their families can make qualitative use of the remaining time. The hospice lives the saying, «It’s not about giving life more days, but giving days more life.» This is exactly the main aspect of the modern hospice movement and requires many employees and volunteers.

After a detailed introduction, the project management team of course delivered what was promised: Two garden houses were newly glazed and impregnated, as well as various playground equipment and tables. The team weeded, spruced up a raised bed and replanted it.

The hospice was delighted with the effort and expressed its gratitude: «It was a great day together that I’m sure we’ll all always remember fondly. It was a classic togetherness moment!» said confidant Ms. Schweeberg. The bk Group team will also remember this day for a long time and take home their own experiences and lessons learned. Because everyone should give their days more life.

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