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16. diciembre 2022

bk Social Days 2022

The bk Social Days went into the next round this year.

For this purpose, the employees of the bk Group AG are released from their work for one day a year all over Europe in order to get socially involved. In particular, they aim to support local associations or organisations that benefit directly from their active help. The employees themselves can decide within their teams which associations they want to support.

In 2022, numerous organisations were helped in this way. The employees carried out a wide variety of work for the selected non-profit organisations and charities. The planning and construction department, marketing, project management, IT and service technicians all over Europe were involved.

The marketing team, for example, assisted the Würzburger Tafel with daily tasks such as collecting and sorting donations and serving food. This gave the team a real insight into what the volunteers at the Würzburger Tafel do every day.

The colleagues from the construction department spent their Social Day at the hospice association in Wolfenbüttel. There they used saws, grinders and paints to make a wide variety of decorative items for the winter and Christmas season. From a feeding station for birds to lanterns and candlesticks, many wonderful handicrafts were created which will be sold at the Christmas market in Wolfenbüttel in aid of the Wolfenbüttel Hospice Association.

Other organisations supported are the autistic centre of the Toby Henderson Trust in England, the primary school in Burkhardswalde, the town of Burgbernheim with the Aischquelle, the aftercare centre for children, young people and their families Sonneninsel in Austria and the Berliner Tafel.

All the helpers were particularly pleased with the thanks and joy expressed by those responsible in the various organisations. After all, in addition to donations, many social institutions depend on volunteers. We are proud that the bk group was able to play an active role here.

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