Over 90 % of this year's maintenance work has already been carried out - bk Group


21. Novembre 2022

Over 90 % of this year’s maintenance work has already been carried out

The bk Group not only develops and realises innovative interior design projects, a large business area is also the support of these objects in the field of technical facility management.

A significant part of the work that the service technicians carry out for our customers is maintenance. This year, that’s a total of over 24,000 maintenance jobs. That is more maintenance than we have ever done in a year before. For comparison: last year it was 21,000 maintenance jobs.

These result from over 50 different types of maintenance. The most common ones are air-conditioning maintenance, electrical inspections, fire extinguisher inspections and the maintenance of roller doors and automatic doors. Air conditioning maintenance alone accounts for over 6,000 work assignments this year.

Most of the maintenance is carried out by our service technicians. After all, every device that has a plug must be checked once a year. Ladders and steps are also checked for safety and function every year.
Our teams work in a tour-optimised manner. This means that thanks to an extremely high degree of automation in route planning, efficiency is constantly increasing. This saves time and also protects the environment.

Generally, there is about the same amount of maintenance per month. Due to the Covid 19 waves, however, some maintenance was postponed, and so these waves are still slightly reflected in the maintenance volume this year. The air-conditioning inspections are also an exception. The air-conditioning systems are often serviced in August, as the air-conditioning units are most frequently used in the following months.

We have already carried out over 90 % of this year’s maintenance work for our customers.

Now it’s time for the final sprint so that we can start the new year without a backlog!

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