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10. juin 2022

bk Group – a brand that inspires

Yesterday, the bk Group AG won one of the most important German brand awards – the GERMAN BRAND AWARD 2022!

Today, brand management is more important than ever to shine as a company in the national and international competitive environment. As an employer, too, clear brand management is crucial in order to remain relevant on the job market.

As part of our benefits strategy, which is based on the pillars of education, health and social affairs, the bk Social Days have been taking place since last year. For this project, all employees of the company throughout Europe are released from their work for one day in order to get socially involved. In particular, they are supposed to support local associations or organisations. This is where the active help of the bk Group employees comes into play.

In 2021, we were able to support a total of 17 organisations throughout Europe. From flood relief in the Ahr valley to construction projects and a wide variety of repair work – all departments of the bk Group AG lent a hand.

The aim of the bk Social Days is first and foremost to achieve real added value for society and organisations throughout Europe. At the same time, the campaign has had a very strong impact on the perception of the brand.

This project also convinced the eight jury members of the German Brand Awards 2022. And so, out of 1200 entries, the bk Group took first place in the category « Branded Corporate Social Responsibility ».

We are incredibly proud of this success and are pleased that the bk Social Days will also take place this year and in the years to come. Thank you to everyone who took such an active part in the bk Social Days and put a smile on so many people’s faces!

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