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10. juin 2024

Sleanstudios Munich

We are delighted to present our latest project: After a six-week construction period, we were able to complete the beautiful 150 square metre Sleanstudios location in Munich Fasangarten.

From drywall construction, electrics, ventilation and air conditioning to sanitary facilities and flooring, we spared no effort to provide future guests with a fantastic wellness experience. This also included extensive painting work, ceiling design, lighting and façade cladding.

This was a challenge, as the space had been empty for three years following a change of ownership and had only been partially completed in terms of fire protection. Extensive research was necessary to obtain the required documents.

Our client is delighted with our work and plans to leave all future work, including furniture construction, in our hands as general contractor. Not only the customer, but also the owner of the building has recognised our excellent work and has already recommended us to others.

We look forward to future projects and the opportunity to continue providing first-class work.


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Haben Sie Fragen zu unseren Pressemitteilungen?

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