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10. March 2023

Donations for Nepal

At the opening of bk World in Füssen, we were able to hand over the first donation to the Share Happiness Foundation together with our location sponsor Nadine Perks, which was intended to benefit the poorest of the poor in Nepal. This donation has now arrived at its destination in the mountains of Nepal in the form of warm blankets.

In October 2022, the mountainous region of Mugu in western Nepal had to cope with heavy rainfall. This led to great destruction on the farmlands and in the houses of the remote communities. Families were unable to stock up on plant fibre, which is used as a warming material during the cold season.
At the same time, there were heavy snowfalls in Mugu at the end of January. This made life difficult for the families, especially in the higher regions. Through the donation, we were able to provide a total of 134 families in the rural community of Khatyad with warm winter blankets. Each family in the villages of Higoiti and Gandekhola received two warm, double-layered blankets.

The blankets were made in Kathmandu as there were no local suppliers available in the region who could take on the order at short notice. The distribution took place on the banks of the Khatyad Khola river. Here the blankets were delivered by a truck, as the two villages are not connected to the road network.

“I am very happy to receive such beautiful blankets. This year the landslides have made life even worse. We couldn’t buy the new fibres we needed because we didn’t have the money. These two blankets are a lifeline for the cold nights. Thank you so much!”

This is reported by Saura Sarki, 30, from Gandekhola village, lives with her husband and six children in a house made of stone and mud, covered with wooden tiles.

In the future, we will continue to support the Share Happiness Foundation and thus families in Nepal with every opening of another bk World location.

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