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20. October 2023

Rituals Cosmetics Turin – New opening

The redesign of the Rituals Cosmetics store in Turin has been successfully completed! Here we would like to share some interesting facts and details about the project.


The renovation lasted in total from 03.07. to 13.09.2023. The store presents a total area of 368m², divided into 245m² sales area and 95m² storage area.


From the White Box, all work was carried out, such as: electrical, plumbing, drywall, façade, door, furniture installation, parquet flooring installation, ventilation and air conditioning installation, colour design, wallpaper change, installation of sprinkler systems and fire alarm systems, and much more.


A special feature of the project is that this is the first premium store of Rituals Cosmetics in Italy. Due to supplier holidays, special logistics and timely ordering of the required materials had to be planned in order to avoid possible delays.


The result of our work has convinced and delighted the client, the centre management and the shop staff – all of whom are overwhelmed and very satisfied with the new Rituals Cosmetics store in Turin.



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Haben Sie Fragen zu unseren Pressemitteilungen?

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