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15. March 2024

Giving something back to the community

Social projects are a recurring theme throughout the bk Group. Be it the Social Day, the fundraising campaign or the bk World donation cheque handovers to the Share Happiness Foundation.

But the team based at the headquarters in Endsee also wanted to do something good for the region. And so they decided to organise their monthly active lunch break a little differently this time.
Exercise combined with a good cause!

During the lunchtime walks, some colleagues had recently noticed the large amount of rubbish in the vicinity of our headquarters.

To change this, an active lunch break was used to collect rubbish. Not only did they get some exercise in the fresh air, but everyone also made a contribution to protecting the nature around the bk headquarters. A total of four bags of rubbish were filled after the campaign. Many thanks to all the hard-working helpers!


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