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11. février 2022

Investment by bk Group CEO achieves breakthrough

Endsee – February 2022

Bk Group AG CEO Gerold Wolfarth has been investing in innovative start-ups and emerging young companies for several years. As managing director of the Ökovation Ventures Fund, he is one of the lead investors in the Munich-based start-up ottobahn. And this company has now achieved a breakthrough.

The future of urban traffic

The ottobahn is an emission-free transport system for people and goods that is based on gondolas and operates above existing roads. The Munich-based start-up wants to revolutionise transport in and between cities.

After ordering a gondola via an app, it stops exactly where it was ordered. To board, it lowers to the ground. Passengers travel in a comfortable, electrically operated cabin that takes them to their destination on time and without emissions, without having to change trains. From Munich to Berlin, this could happen in 2.5 hours. This is because the planned maximum speed is up to 250km/h. In inner-city traffic, 60 km/h is planned. By using intelligent algorithms, the traffic flow in the ottobahn network is optimised in real time and controlled in an energy-efficient way.

Building permit granted

Now ottobahn has received the building permit for the test track in Taufkirchen near Munich. The groundbreaking ceremony is already planned for mid-March. This marks another important step on the road to traffic revolution.

The bk Group AG congratulates Managing Director of ottobahn GmbH Marc Schindler and the entire ottobahn team on this great success.

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