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25. April 2023

Time for an upgrade!

To further develop the pizza vending machine business, the bk Group has come up with something new for pizza-loving customers.

New pizza varieties are now available at the vending machines around the bk World locations in Endsee and Füssen, as well as at all new locations.

The following new varieties are now available:

🍕 Margherita XL, the upgrade of the Italian classic. Pre-baked in a stone oven, topped with delicious mozzarella on a juicy tomato sauce, it is the perfect pizza for purists.

🍕 Salami Grande XL, hearty beef salami on fluffy pizza dough. An unbeatable team and the perfect taste experience for the palate.

🍕 Quattro Gigante XL, the highlight for cheese fans. A delicious combination of tasty mozzarella, strong blue cheese, melt-in-the-mouth cheddar and hearty mountain cheese.

🍕 Salami Piccante XL, with spicy beef salami and pepperoni for that certain something.

Come over and enjoy it!

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